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Learn What It Means To Become A Certified Evidence-Based Organization

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The certification process provides a standard method for systematically building capacity as an Evidence-Based Organization (EBO) and recognizes abilities and accomplishments they demonstrate in the area of evidence-based policies, programs, and practices. Certification requirements focus on helping agencies and organizations move methodically through a process aimed at installing habits at both the organizational and practitioner levels that are essential for supporting ongoing development and sustainability going forward.

The following five areas are emphasized:

  • Knowledge and use of evidence-based policies, programs, and practices
  • Demonstrating effective leadership
  • Organizational culture and assessment
  • Strategic planning, performance measurement, and program evaluation
  • Building capacity and sustainability

Note: If you're planning on attending our Evidence-Based Pathways Workshops, Masterclasses and Conference, we highly recommend getting certified during the conference.

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Kit Includes Your Step By Step Guide PLUS Resources To FAST TRACK Your Certification Success.

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