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Effective Employee Performance Evaluations

Performance Reviews
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Program Summary

Success and sustainability of any agency is driven by how the management team navigates the employee performance review process. What goes on before, during and after the event yields benefits which go straight to the bottom line. Yet the process is one many well-meaning managers and supervisors avoid, or at best do not look forward to. Ultimately the appraisal “thrown together” is one the manager themselves would not want themselves.

Program Goals and Intended Outcomes

Participants will learn to prepare, write and deliver performance appraisals even they will be very pleased to deliver, or receive themselves – good or bad!

This course is taught by Sobem Nwoko, President, Joyfields Institute who oversaw his fair share of performance reviews while supervising his team of nearly 400 employees which included managers and supervisors. The program is designed to help management motivate staff to perform at high levels through a methodology for preparing, writing and delivering required periodic appraisals managers themselves will be pleased to receive – good or bad!  Participating supervisors will;

  • Be in a position to help their agency raise results to new levels
  • Be in a position to motivate their teams through the use of effective performance evaluation procedures
  • Learn to integrate established agency standards with their ongoing staff interactions and documentation.
  • Introduced to methods for seamlessly planning, writing and conducting effective appraisals
  • Learn to conduct effective performance reviews their employees will look forward to!
  • Participants will learn to relish this privilege and make “performance-review-avoidance” syndrome a thing of the past.

* BONUS: Participants get access to “ReviewTrack” software from Joyfields Institute.  ReviewTrack is a cloud-based enterprise class journaling tool for use in prepping, writing and delivering effective, on time employee performance reviews.

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