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For Practitioners

Article: What Is An Evidence-Based Practitioner?

Download our free article and learn how to set yourself apart from the typical case management practitioner.

Ebook:Motivational Interviewing: Core Skills

Your next step in becoming an Evidence-Based practitioner is this ebook.

Webinar: An Introduction To The Evidence-Based Practitioner

Explore the essential elements required to be an evidence-based professional.

Conference: Pathways Masterclass For Frontline Professionals

Attack The Cause, Not The Symptoms. Case Management, Care Coordination, Counseling & Supervision in-person CE credit training.

Self-paced Masterclass On-Demand

Our conference masterclasses now available at your pace, online, on-demand.

Certification: EB Practitioner

Earning your professional certification can be an effective way to set yourself apart in the market place.

For Organizations

Article: Becoming an Evidence-Based Organization: Five Key Components to Consider

If you are looking to build and grow an evidence-based organization, we are here to guide you along the way. Check out this article.

Ebook: Becoming An Evidence-Based Organization

Developing Leadership & Organizational Growth. This comprehensive strategy is based on the premise that current justice system operations are flawed, but they are redeemable through enhanced leadership, planning, and evaluation approaches.

Webinar: What Does It Mean To Be Evidence-Based?

This thirty-minute video, with Dr. David Myers, explains what it means to be evidence-based. It further reveals what an organization must do to become evidence-based as an entity.

Conference: Pathways Masterclass For Organizational Leadership

Transform your organization into an evidence-based practice. We will guide you through the process with in-depth training and workshops.

Certification: EB Leadership

Gain recognition in evidence-based leadership and confidently execute on your vision guided by proven approaches for organizational success.

Certification: EB Organization

Become certified as an evidence-based organization and be recognized for your abilities and accomplishments in the area of evidence-based policies, programs, and practices.

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    Access Certification Starter Kit Resources & Information

    Access Certification Starter Kit Resources & Information

    Access Certification Starter Kit Resources & Information

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