EBO "MASTERCLASS" Training PLUS Your Agency Report Card (Bundle)

Your Very Own Report Card - Get Objective

Attendees to the EBO Masterclass may opt to purchase their registration bundled with a report card and save nearly $200. By purchasing the bundle participants do not have to pay their CEBL certification fee - regularly $200 when purchased separately

It is essential to undergo organizational self-evaluations from time to time - in much the same way an employee is subject to performance evaluations from time to time. A good evaluation plan includes:

  1. Performance Measurement – Provide tangible evidence you are putting resources where you should, and in particular, direct your scarce resources toward what is effective.
  2. Program Benefits Demonstrated – Stakeholders have evidence to support sustaining your program. Data gathered may be used to solicit funding, request additional funds to expand programs, or justify offering the same program elsewhere.
  3. Program Effectiveness Improvement – Your team can confidently point to evidence on how improvements are a direct result of what you are doing, and
  4. Recommendations – You will know what adjustments to make if outcomes are not likely to be achieved.

As an evaluator for various organizations, we aim our activities at (a) your intended outcomes, and (b) the degree to which what you do are evidence-based and strength-centered. We assess your intended outcomes, work you are currently doing, guide data gathering efforts and processes, measure results and examine the degree to which the results line-up with intended outcomes.

We then produce a report card - your very own comprehensive document with our findings and recommendations. In the end, our efforts can install basic evaluation principles such as:

  • Utility: Ensures you are collecting credible, useful and timely information. An effective evaluation helps you determine what is working and how. It also informs decision-making to address current realities, make needed adjustments, or discontinue an effort altogether
  • Feasibility: Prioritizes evaluation that is practical, cost-effective and politically viable
  • Propriety: Accounts for legal and ethical standards governing an evaluation process. Careful consideration is given for all involved and for others who might be impacted
  • Accuracy: Relates to the rigor of your evaluation plan, data collection methods and willingness to report the bad just as much as the good. Data gathered must be accurate to both be useful and ensure your organization’s credibility.

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Event Date 10/30/2019
Event End Date 11/01/2019
Individual Price $4495.00
Speaker David Myers, PhD., Professor, University of New Haven, Author
Number Hours 20
Location Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
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